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A mission of Dolphin Cove, Grand Cayman, is to create an educational and fulfilling experience that begins upon arrival to our facility and will last for years to come.
To further enhance your educational experience, we are pleased to offer classroom programs ideal for students and non-students alike. These interactive and educational programs can be based on age group or customized to fit your educational needs.

Educational Programs

Grades 1-3: What is a Mammal?
Dive into the world of mammals to discover the fascinating similarities as well as differences humans and dolphins share.

This interactive program is ideal for creating a basic understanding of what a mammal is and to create an awareness and appreciation for the similarities humans share with dolphins, despite having vastly different environments.

Grades 4-6: Cooperative Hunting
Explore the various methods used by dolphins to catch their food. Discover how team work allows these mammals to collectively benefit.

This interactive program is ideal for introducing students to vastly complex behaviors observed in dolphins based on geographical location and food availability.

Grades 7-9: Adaptations to a Marine Environment
Learn about complex behavioral and biological adaptations found in dolphins that have allowed them to become highly suited to their ever-changing, underwater environment.

This interactive program is ideal for introducing students to the adaptive world of biological sciences and how these adaptations make life possible, even in harsh conditions.

Grades 10-12: Senses
Discover how many senses dolphins have compared to humans and how these senses differ between species. Determine how each sense has been specifically adapted to these marine mammals and why they are beneficial for life under the sea.

This interactive program encourages higher levels of thinking to discover not only how these senses function, but also why they are useful to benefit dolphins.

Custom Presentations

Have something more specific in mind? Feel free to let us know the specifics to create a presentation more suited to your educational needs.

In order to better facilitate your needs, please provide details of desired topic(s) at the time of booking and allow at least 2 weeks’ time to create your plan.


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