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Welcome to Cove Cayman

Part of the Dolphin Discovery Group, the largest dolphin company in the world

Come to the right place to experience a swim with dolphins program and many other activities that will make your visit to Grand Cayman the Experience of a Lifetime! In this beautiful sunny paradise with white sandy beaches and colorful sea-life, we have our natural and ecological facilities where you will enjoy some of the best things to do in Grand Cayman.

This special habitat designed for the sweet and loving marine mammals is the perfect spot for your swim with dolphins program. Discover all of the Cove Cayman programs, we sure have one perfect for everyone in the family, you will spend the day away in the Caribbean paradise surrounded by dolphins!

Indulge yourself in the most exciting experience!

Formed by three islands, the Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman, being the biggest island of the three is perfect for spending your vacation with your family and friends, surrounded by white sandy beaches and the turquoise water of the Caribbean this island has the perfect landscape to relax and enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

As one of the top tourist beach destinations, Grand Cayman offers a wide variety of activities to do, but undeniably swimming with dolphins is one of the favorites among the visitors of the island. Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman makes this dream come true with their swimming with dolphins programs that are a once in a lifetime experience where you’ll interact with our lovely dolphins. Participate in different activities with the marine mammals like adorable kisses, unbelievable hugs, fast belly rides and the coolest foot push ever. (Activity depends on the program you choose).

During your swimming program the Dolphin Discovery Grand Experience continues with our coolest marine mammal specialists teaching you and your group really interesting info about dolphins and other marine species and how we take care of them by personalized nutritional, reproduction and nursing programs we give to each and every dolphin at our park, as well as some very important tips of environmental care so we can have a better and greener world.

So if you also have the dream of swimming with dolphins and you’re planning your next vacation with your friends and family don’t doubt it anymore and visit us at Dolphin Discovery Grand Cayman facilities, and let us be part of the one of the most memorable vacation ever!

Place your reservation with us and have the time of your life!