Save a bundle when booking your Swim with Dolphin memories packages. Offer available exclusively online!


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*Terms and Conditions:
  • Promotion available until July 31st and you can choose the date of your swim.
  • This promotion is valid when booking 5 days in advance.
  • Promotion available for Dolphin Encounter Memories, Swim Adventure Memories and Royal Swim Memories packages.
  • This promotion includes digital photographs of your swim experience and 1 printed photo.
  • This promotion does not apply or can't be combined with any other promotion, offer, deal or package.
  • This promotion does not apply to infants, but you are able to purchase their photographs inside our boutique shop.
  • This promotion is available exclusively when booking online, it is not sold at our dolphin habitat.
  • Promotion applies in Dolphin Cove Cayman.
  • Promotion applies when booking online or through our call center at MEX 01 800 727 5391, USA 1-866-393-5158, CAN 1-866-793-1905, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 1-888-751-9005.